March 2012

Hatchetmen - 'What Are You Waiting For?'

This gritty Americana owes plenty to Neil Young while still taking on its own shapes.

Eminem Teams up with 50 cent

Eminem, the Detroit native joined 50 cent on stage in honor of "Get Rich or Die Tryin." 50 cent graced the stage at the Shady Records Showcase. The rapper who is known for his controversial decisions and outspokenness, brought the crowd back to his gangster rap roots. 50 cent enlisted the help of a seven-piece band and Tony Yayo. For the first time the rapper performed all of the songs from his album "Get Rich" live for all to see. It has been a while since 50 cent has been serious about performing music.

Of Oceans - 'Qualms'

These ribbed pulses emulate the progenitors of the electronic genre while still stirring up new methods of willful detachment from the known universe. Space out and see.