February 2012

Ontario - self-titled EP

Ontario's guitar-based indie rock oscillates between softness and big, bombastic expression. Their debut EP will be out this April. Stream it below.

‘Fela!’ at Detroit Music Hall

The city of Detroit is playing host to the late Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti through a muscial. A Broadway production about the artist, titled ‘Fela!’ is currently showing at the Detroit music hall. Tickets are selling out quickly for all those interested in going. This show began in Detroit on Tuesday and is by far the biggest show that the hall has hosted. Originally airing on Broadway in 2009, ‘Fela!’ makes its re-entrance into the theater scene while honoring the late musician.

Bison Machine - 'Heavy Earth'

Bison Machine's name conjures up all sorts of awesome imagery, and their muscular, gruff stoner rock lives up to most of it. Check out this cut from their recent live GBS Detroit session.

Reverend - 'Illusions'

I guess an album is truly a Detroit album when it's recorded in an old industrial factory. But this bright, brash record is a standout piece regardless of its gritty origins. If you love garage rock guitar noise and catchy vocals you'll be all over this.