January 2012

Detroit Symphony Orchestra launches Free Webcast Player

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra first came to start, when it gave its first performance in 1887 at the Detroit Opera House. Since then, the Symphony Orchestra has been a treasure for the city of Detroit. The orchestra has also managed to  bring visitors from all over the world. As a result, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra decided to launch its first ever webcast player. According to The Washington Post, people from 40 countries are expected to tune in just to hear the orchestra’s performance.

Aaliyah is Another Year Older

Aaliyah Dana Haughton's birthday recently passed and that made me want to embark on one of my infamous searches. I decided to pay homage to the late singer by reading up on her bio. The singer was widely known as just Aaliyah before she passed. Most people remember her as having the potential to be better than Beyonce and sing circles around some of these singers that they call “stars” today. I only remember a few of her song titles and her as being ‘Queen of the Damned’. She was queen of something musically that could only be traced back to her hometown of Detroit. The city of Detroit is home to some of the best singers to have ever performed, including