December 2011

Explicits - 'US'

Even though they're from Detroit, there's something unshakably English about Explicits. The way they've managed to wrap old school post-punk in layers upon layers of synthy, spacey glow feels a little more mid-Atlantic than your run-of-the-mill bedroom pop. And unlike most genre dabblers, they don't feel constrained to the microcosmic. This cut off their upcoming release The Uncanny Valley is about four times the length of your average lo-fi demo and sustains its momentum the entire time.

My Brightest Diamond - 'Reaching Through to the Other Side'

My Brightest Diamond, the recording moniker of Shara Worden, lies somewhere between Sufjan Stevens and Joanna Newsom on the quirky orchestra-pop spectrum. Those who tend to enjoy a wide variety of traditional instrumentation mixed in with their indie would do well to check her out if they haven't already. Off her new album All Things Will Unwind, here's the free single "Reaching Through to the Other Side".