Hot Upcoming Concerts in Detroit

Hot Upcoming Concerts in Detroit

People of Detroit (as well as visitors to the area), you are in for a treat! The next few weeks are loaded with concerts featuring talented musicians, from artists we’ve loved for decades to new favorites. Here are a few upcoming concerts in Detroit that are simply not to be missed.

Gladys Knight

On May 14, Gladys Knight, the one and only Empress of Soul, will be performing at the Fox Theater. Known for hit songs like “That’s What Friends Are For” and “Next Time,” Knight has one of the most powerful voices in history, and it would be a treat to see her perform with it.

Bob Seger

On May 17 and 19, Seger, along with The Silver Bullet Band of course, will be playing at The Palace. Most people associate Seger with hit songs like “Old Time Rock N’ Roll,” though my favorites are definitely “Hollywood Nights” and “Night Moves,” the former being a great workout song and the latter being incredibly sexy. Take your sweetie to go see this awesome show.


Adele is my new obsession, and seeing her live would be nothing short of amazing. She’s sort of witchy and mysterious, like a new Stevie Nicks, and her 60s-mod style of makeup, I’m reluctant to admit, makes me want to wear gobs of eyeliner and maybe even false eyelashes. She’s gorgeous, but so is her sound; known for songs like “Chasing Pavement” and my favorite, “Rolling in the Deep,” Adele can really belt out beauty. She’ll be playing on May 23 at the Royal Oak Music Theater.

Panic at the Disco

Many people of my generation are in love with the frenzied, clear sound that is Panic at the Disco; personally I think they sound a lot like many other alternative-branded bands. That said, if you’re a fan, you can see them perform at The Fillmore on June 4.

Alice Cooper

You know he’s “the coolest,” and you know if you see him in concert it’s going to be something you’ll never forget! Back in school, Cooper—along with Pink Floyd—sang the ballads that were after our own hearts, and I remember the faculty playing “School’s Out For Summer” over the PA system one year. That was pretty awesome, you have to admit. You can see Alice Cooper at the DTE Energy Music Theater on August 27.

Motley Crue

As a child of the 80s, I used to be a pretty big Motley Crue fan. My sweetheart won me one of those glass pictures of one of their albums at a carnival once and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I wasn’t a die-hard fan who knew the obscure songs; I just liked the hits, like “Shout at the Devil.” Okay, I still love it, and am playing it on YouTube right now, and I’m even head banding like I used to do with my BFF (don’t judge!). You can hear the song at others on June 29 at the DTE Energy Music Theater.