Hatchetmen - 'What Are You Waiting For?'

This gritty Americana owes plenty to Neil Young while still taking on its own shapes.

Eminem Teams up with 50 cent

Eminem, the Detroit native joined 50 cent on stage in honor of "Get Rich or Die Tryin." 50 cent graced the stage at the Shady Records Showcase. The rapper who is known for his controversial decisions and outspokenness, brought the crowd back to his gangster rap roots. 50 cent enlisted the help of a seven-piece band and Tony Yayo. For the first time the rapper performed all of the songs from his album "Get Rich" live for all to see. It has been a while since 50 cent has been serious about performing music.

Before showing up alongside 50 cent Eminem was rumored to be making an appearance at the showcase. Eminem joined 50 on "Patiently Waiting" and the audience was reminded of the cutthroat MC's roots. Eminem's life in Detroit was nothing, but humble beginnings. Many of his songs reflect his hardship and the movie 8 Mile serves as some insight into his life growing up. Eminem is known for embracing his hometown of Detroit and acknowledging that part of who he is comes from growing up there.


Dr. Dre was not in attendance at the show and he was not the only face that was missed. Most recently Nate Dogg passed away. Nate was most notably known for his unique and memorable hooks. The late rappers voice was one of a kind and who knows when the world will see another artist like him. His presence has been missed greatly in rap and was felt at this event.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is planning on performing in Detroit on March 3 with opening acts, Dilemma, Dizzy, Street Justice and Dagda. Tickets are fairly cheap at $10. The group is severely talented, and do not seem to be getting the amount of recognition and notoriety that they truly deserve.

The band is originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and first rose to prominence in 1993. One of their most notable songs of all time "Tha crossroads" earned the group a Grammy. The song was dedicated to the late rapper Eazy-E. Bone Thugs also managed to work with Tupac Shakur, Notorious BIG, Eazy-E, and Big Pun before they all passed away. The group went on to work with a number of artists like, Swizz Beatz, Twista, Mariah Carey and Akon.

The originally members of the group include Layzie Bone, Bizzy Bone, Flesh-n-Bone, Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone. Though the group has had a tremendous amount of success and won several awards, they have also run into a number of problems.

At one point in time Flesh-n-Bone was sent away to prison for 12 years. Once he was released the group had a reunion. However since then members Krayzie Bone and Wish Bone have left the group to pursue solo careers. The great thing about Bone Thugs-n-Harmony is that the group carries on a poetic sound that seems to be trapped in the 90's. Not many artists today make music that moving for the mind, body and spirit. If you are a Bone Thugs fan then now is your chance to see them live.

Of Oceans - 'Qualms'

These ribbed pulses emulate the progenitors of the electronic genre while still stirring up new methods of willful detachment from the known universe. Space out and see.

Ontario - self-titled EP

Ontario's guitar-based indie rock oscillates between softness and big, bombastic expression. Their debut EP will be out this April. Stream it below.


‘Fela!’ at Detroit Music Hall

The city of Detroit is playing host to the late Nigerian musician, Fela Kuti through a muscial. A Broadway production about the artist, titled ‘Fela!’ is currently showing at the Detroit music hall. Tickets are selling out quickly for all those interested in going. This show began in Detroit on Tuesday and is by far the biggest show that the hall has hosted. Originally airing on Broadway in 2009, ‘Fela!’ makes its re-entrance into the theater scene while honoring the late musician.

The show, a Tony award winner, tells the story of Kuti who used music as a way to bring about a change in Nigeria. The musician’s name is not confined to the country of Nigeria or the city of Detroit, but it is heard all over the world. Many of Kuti’s messages live through his legacy. In addition, those messages are used as a way to communicated with the city of Detroit.

Other venues in the city are honoring the late musician as well. The Virgil H. Carr cultural arts center will be holding a Fela themed art exhibition. The exhibition will feature work from artists who have made pieces that were inspired by the work of the creative musician.  Fela Kuti’s drive for social equality and dedication to social issues will be the main theme echoed in Detroit. For fans of Kuti, if you are interested in seeing the show, buy your tickets now before they all sell out. Go to the Music Hall to find out more information on how to purchase tickets to the show.

Bison Machine - 'Heavy Earth'

Bison Machine's name conjures up all sorts of awesome imagery, and their muscular, gruff stoner rock lives up to most of it. Check out this cut from their recent live GBS Detroit session.

Reverend - 'Illusions'

I guess an album is truly a Detroit album when it's recorded in an old industrial factory. But this bright, brash record is a standout piece regardless of its gritty origins. If you love garage rock guitar noise and catchy vocals you'll be all over this.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra launches Free Webcast Player

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra first came to start, when it gave its first performance in 1887 at the Detroit Opera House. Since then, the Symphony Orchestra has been a treasure for the city of Detroit. The orchestra has also managed to  bring visitors from all over the world. As a result, the Detroit Symphony Orchestra decided to launch its first ever webcast player. According to The Washington Post, people from 40 countries are expected to tune in just to hear the orchestra’s performance.

The player essentially allows listeners to tune in from the comfort of their own homes, without having to make the trip to Detroit or some other destination just to see them. This sounds like a great idea especially with money being hard to come by these days, for many people. Instead avid fans can easily enjoy the music that the orchestra has to offer from their own home.

The Washington Post also stated that, listeners are also given the chance to view a list of upcoming performances and add them to their calendar. This way they will be fully aware of when their favorite performances will begin. As of now, the Symphony is said to be the only U.S. orchestra that currently offers the public the option of listening to free webcasts. Hopefully once this series takes off other orchestra’s around the world, and in the United states will begin offering their own free webcasts as well. To check out more information on the free webcast click here.

Aaliyah is Another Year Older

Aaliyah Dana Haughton's birthday recently passed and that made me want to embark on one of my infamous searches. I decided to pay homage to the late singer by reading up on her bio. The singer was widely known as just Aaliyah before she passed. Most people remember her as having the potential to be better than Beyonce and sing circles around some of these singers that they call “stars” today. I only remember a few of her song titles and her as being ‘Queen of the Damned’. She was queen of something musically that could only be traced back to her hometown of Detroit. The city of Detroit is home to some of the best singers to have ever performed, including 

Teairra Mari, Sonny Bono and even Madonna who grew up not too far away from the buzzing city.

The late R&B singer was raised in Detroit and went on to attend the Detroit School of Arts. Graduating from the school she was able to go on and leave her mark in music. Churning out hits like ‘Try again’, ‘Rock the boat’ and ‘Age ain’t nothing but a number’. Unlike many artists in her time the songstress was willing to take risks in music, fashion and acting that many were too scared to take. Her birthday made me think about how music has changed in the 11 years that she has been gone, but it also made me wonder when the city of Detroit would be able to produce another superstar again like Aaliyah. In all honesty, the answer is probably, not for decades to come.